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Excavation Services in Southern Highlands


For close to 20 years, our experienced operators have expertly served the Southern Highlands area with a friendly touch that sets us apart. When we were first founded in 2001, it was with the belief that the citizens of our community deserve the best type of excavation service, and we have pushed ourselves from day one to offer that to our beautiful community.
Tree Removal — Vegetation Management in Braemar, NSW

Free Quotes

We don’t believe in paying to get a basis of information. We know that the average industrial and rural owner needs a budget or at least an expectation before diving into a project. We’ll come to you and are more than happy to talk through the project, your ideas and goals, and then leave you with a free quote and some advice to consider. No fee or commitment required.

Fully Insured

With $20 million public liability insurance, we believe in getting the job done right. No risks are taken. The world we live in has risks that need to be taken into account, but we’ve got you and your project covered with our liability and insurance plans.

A Protected & Expert Team

How can we best serve the public if we don’t serve our team to the best of our ability? We are proud to have long-term operators on our team and we do everything we can to keep them happy. A happy and cared for team of operators makes for a more successful business and happier customers. We are strictly OH&S compliant so that our operators and your land are all protected.
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In need of transport services? We transport machinery and own and operate our own semi-trailer and quad float flat top trailer to make use of for all transport services.