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Vegetation services in Southern Highlands



Our Services

We offer our clients a range of services that address any and all vegetation management service requirements. We serve industrial and rural clients, handling every step of the project so that they are able to continue on offering their own business and services without the hiccups or delays caused by struggling with vegetation management. We bring years of expertise to your projects that allow us to smoothly and expertly solve all of your project requests.
Land Clearing — Vegetation Management in Braemar, NSW
Red Excavator — Vegetation Management in Braemar, NSW


Total Vegetation Management is proud of its expert craftsmanship with each project that we take the time to complete. While completing your excavation needs and more, we are dedicated to maintaining a close communicative relationship with you.
Tree Cutting — Vegetation Management in Braemar, NSW

Tree Removals

Total Vegetation Management in Mittagong is the expert in moving large trees, and that's just a fact. We combine superior tree moving expertise and the industry's most comprehensive aftercare. We are distinguished by ... Read more
Two Men Shaking Hands — Vegetation Management in Braemar, NSW

Civil Contracting

Our company's success is credited to our team's dedication, enthusiasm and knowledge across all areas of our services that we provide. Among these services that we include are civil contracting services. We ... Read more
Heavy Machinery Transport — Vegetation Management in Braemar, NSW

Transport Services

We’re happy to help complete all of your transport services. Who has got the time to worry about transporting when you’ve got everything else to focus on? We’re here to help. We transport machinery and own and ... Read more
Water Flowing on Dam — Vegetation Management in Braemar, NSW

Dam Construction and Clean-outs

At Total Vegetation Management, we specialise in the handling of navigational, diversion, storage, detention and structures of all sizes. We work both above and below the waterline on every part of the dam. Our crews ... Read more

Our Products

We maintain a successful and well cared for line of products and equipment to make use of when working with you. We have a 22-tonne excavator including all attachments and a rock breaker. We also have in our repertoire a 25-tonne tree grinding machine, a 12-tonne tipper, a semi-trailer quad float, a flat-top trailer, tractor and slasher and a tractor and mulcher.